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At e3, in addition to the services we provide directly, we carefully select 3rd party professional advisers who help provide guidance on products and strategies that are designed to fit your financial needs. These network partners understand our Advance & Protect philosophy and assist us in coordinating every piece of your financial picture. Here are just a few of our trusted referral partners. 

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Andrew Weinhaus

Weinhaus Law

Andrew Weinhaus is the managing partner of this estate planning firm. Andy serves e3 clients through the creation and review of wills, trusts, powers of attorney (POA), and other various estate planning documents.

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Sara Stock

Stock Legal

Sara’s practice focuses on general corporate work for small to medium sized businesses and commercial real estate transactions. Sara advises her clients in all aspects of the business lifecycle including entity formation, financing, contractual arrangements, corporate governance, general business matters, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Christopher Stone

The Blue Collar Broker

Chris helps business owners by expertly targeting acquisition candidates, assessing and valuing the targeted business, guiding the parties through due diligence and presiding over a closing process whereby ownership is transferred. Our focus is on WIN-WIN solutions that result in both parties finalizing the transaction with complete satisfaction.

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John Vitale 

Global Capital Resource Partners

John has arranged financing of millions of dollars for bankable & non-bankable commercial transactions around the globe. His company analyzes funding requests and then seeks to find an appropriate funding source from the thousands we represent around the globe.  He can help arrange funding for ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS both domestically and internationally! 

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Note: Services provided by estate attorneys, health/LTC insurance, and mortgage specialists are offered by third parties and Kalos Capital does not provide tax, social security, or medicare services. 

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