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When you allow e3 to expand your knowledge base, we can introduce you to cutting-edge strategies and foster an environment of constant learning with our family office model. Our clients have access to resources that understand cash flow, banking, financing strategies, income taxes, asset protection, wealth management, and entrepreneurial opportunities, which makes e3 your trusted fiduciary. Have you ever wondered why the ultra-wealthy have very little invested in the stock market? Would you see the value in learning techniques to minimize, mitigate, or eliminate income taxes and the effects of inflation on your personal or business economy? Allow e3 to enlighten you on ways to protect the purpose of your money and simplify your financial life.

Our three "e’s” stand for: Educate. Empower. Enlighten. These principles guide how we interact with and serve our clients. 


EDUCATE: We provide real-time content that assists you with the process of making informed financial decisions. Educational mediums would include workshops, written articles, white papers, social media posts, books written by company leaders, and videos. 


EMPOWER: If you are ready to think differently about your money, we can help you expand your knowledge base, introduce cutting-edge strategies and foster an environment of constant learning to build confidence that leads to action. 


ENLIGHTEN: We build a working relationship with you where the conversation is transparent, customized, and integrates all possible resources to simplify your financial life.

Single family offices gained popularity in the 1800s to manage the burgeoning fortunes of tycoons, such as the Rockefellers. They were designed to offer a solution to manage any and all financial responsibilities a wealthy family would face: budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, asset protection, business operations, wealth management, and tax services. e3 realized that there are many individuals, families, and business owners whose financial position wouldn’t qualify them to hire a family office. For this reason, e3 decided to re-imagine the family office model and serve anyone who shares our mindset of searching for ways to think differently about money. We serve our clients in many areas of finances with our network of financial professionals:

  • Cash Flow & Banking Strategies

    • Bookkeeping, Payroll, Bill Pay, Debt Management

  • Comprehensive Accounting Services

    • Income Tax Preparation, Tax Reduction Strategies

  • Comprehensive Wealth Management

    • Investments, Estate Planning, Risk Mitigation, Income Strategies

  • Property & Casualty Insurance

    • Individual and Commercial Liability Coverage

  • Commercial Business Lending

    • Access to Capital and Financing Options

  • Corporate Attorney Solutions

    • Legal Documentation, Entity Representation, Asset Protection

  • Business Valuation Resources

    • Asset Optimization, Exit Strategies, Succession Plans

  • Strategic Business Consulting

    • NLP techniques, Mindset & Energy Coaching

  • Private Investment Opportunities

    • Equity Ownership/Private Lending to Business Entities, Real Estate Ownership, Private Placement/Reg D offerings

Our Advance & Protect process is a product of our collective mindset that favors minimization of risks over a search for performance. At e3, we choose to add value to our clients by focusing our efforts in areas that allow us to gain more control of the circumstances. 


No financial professional controls how the stock market is going to perform, how the economy is going to impact your job/career/business, or what changes are going to be made to the Internal Revenue Code for income tax purposes.

e3’s business model understands this reality in the world of money and finance. This knowledge provides e3 and our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Instead of attempting to manage your money, e3 Wealth strives to manage your expectations because we have studied neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to understand how people think, communicate, and behave when it comes to money and finance related decisions. Your relationship with money is a key component to achieving financial success. e3 Wealth is ready to strengthen that relationship through proactive communication and cutting-edge strategies that have been used by the financial elite for hundreds of years. 

Our professionals at e3 Tax thrive on being tax strategists instead of being restricted by the mindset of tax preparers. We realize our clients desire pro-active communication and understanding about how to optimize the tax code to their benefit. e3 Tax helps you look at the impact of focusing on saving income taxes now vs. later vs. forever because once you realize that you are only required to pay income taxes on your money ONCE, the 80,000 pages of the Tax Code become your friend!

And when it comes to asset protection, our team at e3 Insurance has built relationships with the top insurance carriers in the property & casualty industry in order to minimize, mitigate, or eliminate risks that threaten the legacy of your family or business.

By leveraging all the resources e3 ConsultantsGROUP can provide your personal or business economy, you give yourself permission to experience financial freedom and enjoy the life that you want to build.

If you are ready to awaken your inner-entrepreneur and start thinking differently about money related decisions, contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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