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It is time for a new age of enlightenment.  e3 wants to awaken the inner-entrepreneur in all Americans because the United States needs everyone to take responsibility for their own personal economy. The problem rests in inactivity, in sitting back and doing nothing for yourself, your family, your clients/customers, your employees, or your shareholders. We are essentially allowing an entitlement society to overtake our ability to succeed or fail on our own merits. If you are ready to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to protect your personal/business economy, then e3’s methods could be in alignment with your thought process.

As e3 has done its research on the misinformation tactics performed by the US Government, The Federal Reserve, various financial institutions, and the Media, the reality of our current situation has become clearer. Fiscal dependence on others is connected to the motivation behind the difficult financial decisions’ citizens are now being forced to make during their lifetime. You don’t make those decisions in a vacuum. Generations of families are taught to believe certain myths about money, and those “lessons” are passed down to each subsequent generation.


We need to break the cycle of financial illiteracy and gain true clarity about everyone’s human resources (time, talent, and capital). Protecting your personal/business economy is possible for those who value financial independence and desire control over their economic futures. Once people wake up and decide they are ready to take control of their financial pictures, working with a family office model that empowers each of us towards first generation wealth is key.


e3 provides a family office model to all of our clients regardless of their level of net worth in order to help you progress through the different stages of your financial mindset (Worry---Wealth---Worthiness):


No matter why you choose to start your own business, it is a decision that begins your journey from Worry to Wealth, and ultimately to Worthiness. At various points, you will experience struggles, challenges, opportunities, and successes that requires assistance from experienced professionals. e3 recognizes the uniqueness of each entrepreneur’s journey and wants to advocate for you along the way.



What are the things that keep you up at night while you are running your business?

  • Cash Flow Awareness

  • Financing Big Ticket Purchases

  • Managing fluctuations in revenues

  • Covering payroll when times are tough

  • Taking note of employee’s morale and finding ways to foster motivation

  • Building helpful banking relationships



As your business grows, so do the areas that may impact your future while you attempt to accelerate your growth and maximize profitability, including:

  • Managing the communication of your vision as growth accelerates

  • Proactive income tax strategies

  • Getting access to capital for expansion

  • Understanding privatized banking strategies to minimize ongoing opportunity costs

  • Identify key members of your staff and incentivize them to develop their leadership skills



Congratulations! Your dreams of owning a successful business have materialized. e3 believes you need to give your permission to enjoy the life you have created. However, there is still work to be done in the following areas:

  • Integration of your Business and Personal Economies

  • Conduct a Generational Planning exercise that goes beyond normal estate planning conversations

  • Implement an Exit Strategy that fosters sustainability of your business and your legacy

  • Transform your enterprise into a self-operating company that allows the business to thrive regardless of your daily involvement.

If you are ready to awaken your inner-entrepreneur and start thinking differently about money related decisions, contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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