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e3 ConsultantsGROUP is an organization created to challenge the status quo as to how Americans are educated about finance related decisions. We  want to add value to the lives of individuals, families, and entrepreneurs in all areas of their personal and business economies through our family office model. We have experienced professionals in a wide range of areas including wealth, tax, and insurance services. 


We believe that the time is now for Americans to break the cycle of financial illiteracy and gain true clarity about everyone's human resources (time, talent, and capital). Protecting your personal and business economy is possible for those who value financial independence and desire control over their economic futures. Once people wake up and decide they are ready to take control of their financial pictures, working with a family office model that empowers each of us towards first generation wealth is key. At e3, we help entrepreneurs through every stage of their financial mindset; from worry to wealth to worthiness. 


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e3 Wealth oversees $500+ Million in assets and provides a family office model to all clients regardless of their level of net worth. We provide an integrated resource network to all clients giving them access to almost any service/resource that deals with money.

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e3 Tax serves our clientele with an experienced team of tax professionals including several Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Enrolled Agents (EA). e3 Tax has worked with thousands of  clients in a wide array of areas including returns and bookkeeping.

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 e3 Insurance is on a mission to educate our clients about their insurance options, empower them to pursue their interests free from the stress of unaddressed liabilities, and enlighten them through our fierce commitment to the protection of their assets.

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The three e's in e3 stand for Educate, Empower, and Enlighten. We provide real-time content that assists you with making informed financial decisions. For those who are ready to Think Differently about money, we help you expand your knowledge base and build confidence that leads to action. Once engaged with e3's family office model, you will receive transparent, customized, integrated solutions that simplify your financial life. Our experienced professionals, working in their respective fields, are ready to work collaboratively on your behalf regardless of your net worth.  


"We know that trust is key in matters of financial service. The individual, the company, and the underlying philosophy all matter when choosing the right adviser. At e3, we want to give you as much information about who we are as possible, so that you can be confident in your decision. We truly believe that our people are our greatest strength. We hope that you will agree, and we invite you to learn more about our team!'  


- John Moriary, President & Founder of e3 ConsultantsGROUP  

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